Erwin De Muer

Columns, Grottos, Niches

Offive for Contemporary Art Norway, from 21.10.2009 till 17.04.2010

The Grammar of Forms' was a series public events, workshops and presentations that took place throughout autumn 2009 and winter 2010 at the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, with the aim to look at language, writing, criticism and publishing in relation to contemporary art, exploring its diverse modes of operation and possibilities within historical and contemporary practices. As a complement to this programme of events, OCA hosted a series of projects, including presentation of artworks and libraries of publications, further transforming OCA's public space into a place for production and exchange of discourse.

For this long term project we help OCA with the exhibition design, display design and installation.

Client: Office for Contemporary Art Norway
Curators: Marta Kuzma
Graphics: Hans Gremmen
Photos: Vegard Kleven