Erwin De Muer

De 58'ers

ING Antwerp, from 19.03.2012 till 16.05.2012

De 58‘ers was an exhibition about the artist movements G58 and the Nieuwe Vlaamse School and initiated by ING Art management, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and the University of Antwerp.
A simple and modest intervention was made. We shove two big panels in the space and placed them in an angle against the pillars. By accentuating the temporary character of the exhibition we created a less disturbing environment for the personnel of the bank who had to work literally around the installation.By leaving all the wood paneling, screw, fixtures and structure visual a reference was made to the tradition of the artist groups to give material such a prominent place in there work.Some punctual plinths with sculptures by Jan Dries, Paul Van Hoeydonck and some artist books gave the installation a museological quality.

Client: Ing Belgium
Project owners: ING Art managment, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and University of Antwerp
Exhibition design and exhibition graphics: Erwin De Muer
Catalogue and Identity: Herman Houbrechts
Contractor: Christoph Vandamme
Installation: Charles Olivier Gohy & Cédrik Toselli